Best Recipe contest to begin April 27. Hamilton Beach Food Processor to the person recipe with the most votes. 

Scottsdale, Arizona – April 22 – Marijuana Recipes, will launch its new web site featuring Cannabis infused recipes and containing many non-cannabis recipes. There will be a monthly, Best Recipe contest with a prize going to the winner. The first month winner will receive a Hamilton Beach Food Processor.

The site is geo targeted for Cannabis delivery services that advertise for their delivery area. Marijuana Recipes will have National and International, surprise celebrity cannabis chefs posting featured new recipes just for Subscribers to Marijuana Recipes.

Subscribers will be invited to converse with the celebrity chef, by commenting and asking questions. There will be coupons from dispensaries near you, online companies and other prizes and discount offers.  Our forum will allow subscribers to comment on recipes and will have cooking, cannabis growing, meal planning tips and much more.

Unfortunately, we’re now living in a new world with many people confined to their homes. Cooking has become more of a necessity than just a pleasure. The plus is that families are starting to spend more quality time together which will change our society for the better. Takeout food is becoming very expensive and is not quite as convenient or pleasurable as it once was. Takeout is nowhere near as healthy as fresh meals cooked at home. We created Marijuana Recipes, not only for cannabis infused meals but for meals that can be served to the entire family. With many of our recipes, an entire meal can be built for the whole family, made with inter-changeable ingredients, such as cannabis oil, cannabis, hemp oil, or with regular olive or canola oil for the ones that don’t indulge or cannot legally ingest marijuana. As we go along, we’ll be adding more and more family type recipes giving the option of using cannabis or not. Cannabis oil or hemp oil does not have to contain any THC and it can be used by most anyone.

The web site will officially launch the site the week of April 27. The recipe contest will also launch on April 27 and run through May 27.

Register now at and you’ll be notified upon the launch and the start of the first contest with the winner receiving the Hamilton Beach food processor.

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