One-half sliced banana or whole with popsicle stick

1/2 teaspoon cannabis oil or cannabutter (adjust based on your dose)

1 tablespoon dark chocolate chips

Nuts optional

Directions for Chocolate Covered Canna-Bananas:

1.  Combine cannabis oil (or cannabutter) and chocolate chips in an oven safe bowl or a double broiler.

marijuana recipes - cannabis infused chocolate - I'm always seeking marijuana recipes for easy to make weed edibles. These canna-bananas are my new favorite. They're quick & only require three ingredients.
When melting cannabis oil and chocolate, use low temperatures.

2.  Heat at a low temperature until melted. Keep heat low to prevent the destruction of  the cannabinoids.

3.  Stir canna-chocolate until silky smooth.

4.  Add bananas, and coat well.

5.  Place canna-bananas on parchment paper, dust with sprinkles if desired, and freeze.

6.  Enjoy your deliciously medicated treat.

Important:  If the bowl and spoon are covered in cannabis-infused chocolate, you should lick them.  Don’t waste a drop!